Lady justice statue in front of court houseAs the years go by and technology continues to advance, it’s more important now than ever for law offices to have a strong online presence.

At our SEO company in Costa Mesa, we work with a lot of attorneys that know the law inside and out, but sometimes struggle with the finer points of internet marketing. Fortunately, there are several basic tips we can share with you to enhance your web presence.

Search Engine Optimization–SEO–is an essential factor in the number of people who land and remain on your firm’s website when they are seeking the help of an attorney. Below are some simple tips to improve your ranking with major search engines:

Improve Your Page Load Time

Page load speed is a significant ranking factor, as your website’s load time has a distinct impact on both your search engine rankings and each visitor’s experience. Even a one-second delay in the loading of your page could reduce client acquisition by seven percent, increase the dissatisfaction of your visitors by 16 percent, and reduce page views by 11 percent.

For these and other reasons, your website’s speed can have a substantial effect on your business. Prospective clients in need of an attorney sometimes jump back to Google to find a website that will load quicker, rather than wait for yours to appear.

For several years now, we have provided web design services for attorneys in Costa Mesa, and our web developers are well versed in getting your site up to speed — both figuratively, and literally.

Using Keywords Properly Versus Keyword Stuffing

Knowing which words are being entered into the web’s various search engines should be a crucial part of your legal firm’s SEO strategy. Keywords–the phrases and words used in searches of this kind–should be strategically woven throughout your website and blog to boost the site’s rankings and help you draw clients.

Your website should contain specific keywords to allow the search engines to know what type of site you have and to direct the appropriate individuals to your page. However, using keywords to excess, also called “keyword stuffing,” is a big mistake. Doing so can lead to penalties, which can dramatically damage your ranking and eventually cause your site become buried in the search engines. As a general rule, keep your keyword density at approximately one to two percent to avoid penalties or poor ranking.

Enhance Visitor Experience

Google rewards the websites with the best user experience. A sleek design with content that is valuable to your visitors will certainly help your site to rank better. For this reason, your site should be easily viewable from a desktop, iPad, Smartphone or iPhone.

All pages should have text that is broken down into short paragraphs, as well as several images to make it easy for visitors to scan the information. Having a website with a good design helps you avoid losing potential clients to a competitor who is ahead of you in the digital race.

Add Your Site to Google My Business

Google My Business is vital to your site’s search rankings because it affects SEO at the local level. Once you sign up, a postcard will be sent through standard mail for business verification. As soon as you receive it, make sure your website is verified so that you will appear on maps and in localized searches.

The Importance of a Strong Call to Action

Among all SEO tips to help improve your site’s search rankings, setting up a strong call to action–CTA–is one of the most important. A call to action is a noticeable and unique statement that tells prospective clients to reach out to you when they land on your page. Contacting your attorneys should be simple to accomplish and the way to do this should “jump out” to the client as the obvious conclusion to visiting your site.

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