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If you are on a quest for cutting-edge solutions created by top-notch app developers, look no further than Search Owls.

An app developer in Costa Mesa, Search Owls has broken the mold of traditional software development. As a rapidly growing enterprise founded by local app developers in Orange County who have achieved veteran status in the industry, we are your trusted web design and SEO company.

Search Owls is dedicated to assisting you to achieve your business objectives through innovation, transparency, and the use of the latest technologies.

Your Business Ideas Brought to Life

We passionately work to make your unique business ideas reality through a strategic cycle of mobile and web application development in Costa Mesa. We offer an expansive range of services, taking charge of the development process, from its abstract form as a mere idea to the implementation of exactly what you have in mind.

Our talented team of project managers, UX/UI designers, graphic designers, and support personnel work efficiently as a team to make your vision a reality.

Our exhaustive list of web and mobile application development services cover design, development, and testing, with maintenance and ongoing support included. Our developers’ level of expertise reaches far beyond these basic services, encompassing technology consultation, the restyling of legacy architectures, and smooth transfers to new frameworks.

From concept to finished product, our experts team up with you to design solutions that uniquely align with your needs.

This ensures that the desired results for your business are achieved, and it maximizes your investment returns for custom app development in Orange County.

Mobile App Development

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eCommerce Website Development

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Web App Development

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Excellence in Back-End Development

We facilitate the seamless exchange of information between user
interfaces and databases, resulting in innovative streamline data
processing through reliable and efficient software.

SaaS Solutions to Enhance Customer Service

Our experienced SaaS consultants are always ready to assist you in
building stalwart, secure SaaS solutions. These solutions empower
you to better serve your customers by providing a flowing, secure

Progressive Web Apps

Additionally, we specialize in constructing large-scale web applications that coincide with Google's progressive ideals. Therefore, our apps are easy to install across various devices, are offline available, and are consistently fast, even on 2G networks. This approach means that your apps will keep up with Google’s technological advancements while satisfying your users at the same time.

Front-End Proficiency

 Our applications are created to appeal to both seasoned and first-
time users. Our ultimate goal is to help you retain your customer base through engaging experiences that are user-centered as well as user- friendly.

Digital Business Transformation

We take on difficult development problems and meet them head-on with effectiveness and innovation. Our comprehensive web application development services encompass all aspects, from consultation to future maintenance, making your experience with us a transformational journey.

Constructing High-Performance Web Apps

As a custom app developer in Costa Mesa, our expertise involves the construction of customized apps that offer both exemplary performance and robust security. Cross-browser compatibility is prioritized to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Reliability and Uptime Assurance

At Search Owls, we are committed to designing stable web applications that consistently run without crashing. Our rigorous testing procedures ensure that users have a smooth, error-free experience. We proudly stand on our commitment to offer uptime for all apps we deliver, thus helping businesses boost engagement and maintain a constant sales flow.


Our success is largely due to the detailed planning that goes into each stage of the software development process. Timely project delivery is guaranteed, while remaining within the confines of your budget. Careful avoidance of potential pitfalls, such as performance issues or scalability, minimizes bounce rates, which, in turn, maximize your company’s success.

Enhanced User Experience Through Mobile-First Approach

To ensure your users enjoy an enhanced experience, we embrace the mobile-first philosophy that caters to the world’s ever-expanding number of mobile users. Web solutions for mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, and smartphones are optimized to align with Google’s latest mobile-first recommendations. This guarantees a superior experience for your users, regardless of their choice of device.

Whether you are an international enterprise or a local business in Costa
Mesa, our skilled and dedicated team is ready and able to boost your digital
presence and your ultimate success with our reliable and cutting-edge
software solutions. Our web application development services were created
to empower your business and align technology with your specific vision
and unique goals. Partnering with us as your app developer in Costa Mesa
is the first step in turning visions into reality, and having your expectations
exceeded with top-notch solutions and exemplary customer service.

ISO 27001 Certified for Code Quality and Data Security
We hold ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for
Information Security Management Systems. Such certification shows that
we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in code quality and
are dedicated to ensuring security and reliability with our software
development practices. It also signifies that rigorous measures are in place
for safeguarding sensitive data and following rock-solid security protocols.