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The goal of increasing online visibility is at the heart of every online business marketing strategy. Although it may seem simple to some, driving traffic to your website and gaining online credibility for search engine optimization requires in depth strategy and is never an overnight process.

There are several ways in which a search engine determines your ranking position on its results page when an internet user conducts a search. One such deciding factor is the presence of links to your website. Obtaining quality backlinks greatly influences your search engine rankings.

Online business directories are the modern day phone book, and exist for the sole purpose of providing web users with categorized information on local businesses and links to their websites for easy access. To achieve the highest possible return on your directory listings, businesses must be listed in multiple directories, including smaller niche directories. Especially for new companies or an eclectic business concept, this local SEO tactic can help your business get noticed quickly by the right audience.  

Although getting listed in a local directory is somewhat easy to do, filling out these submissions to their full potential is not so simple. Creating a local listing is tedious and time consuming, and businesses must completely fill out and regularly update their directory listings with as much information as possible if it wants to rank highly.

Aside from the backlink value of directory listings, another reason they are important for SEO is consistency. Google wants to see that when your business is being mentioned on the web that your main business details are consistent across all platforms. As part of our SEO efforts and directory listing packages, we make sure that your Name, Address and Phone Number are all displayed correctly and consistently online.