Google AdWords Management

If you are looking to grow your business with internet marketing, a Google Adwords campaign is guaranteed to get you noticed on the Internet almost instantaneously. With Adwords, businesses are able to target the most relevant internet users and potential customers, and it all begins with a simple click!

Google Adwords is right for you if:

  • You want customers to find you immediately
  • You don’t have a large budget for advertising
  • Your business has a lot of competition

Google AdWords is currently the most popular Pay-Per-Click advertising system in the world because it enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google properties. Due to the massive amount of internet traffic Google handles on a daily basis, conducting PPC marketing through AdWords is particularly efficient for increasing impressions and clicks for your business.

When a potential customer searches for something they need or want on Google, AdWords is a way for businesses to ensure that their page lands at the top of the list of results. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, utilizing Google AdWords can be an incredibly effective way to market products, drive traffic to websites and ultimately increase sales.

The AdWords program works by allowing businesses to create ads, add search terms and keywords that will make their ad show in the Google results, and set a daily budget for each click their ad may receive. When someone uses Google to conduct a search, Google will look at the pool of AdWords advertisers and decide if there will be an auction for ad space, depending on the search terms.

Every time a user conducts a search, Google looks at a pool of AdWords advertisers and selects a list of “winners” to appear in the invaluable ad space on its search results page. Advertisers are chosen based on a combination of factors, including the relevance and quality of their keywords and ad campaigns, as well as their keyword bids. According to Practical Ecommerce, ads in the top position of a search engine results page have been observed to get 10 times as many clicks as side-position ads, so beating out the competition for top ad space on Google’s results page is incredibly important.

Businesses of any size can reap amazing benefits from utilizing Google AdWords because it guarantees that ads will be seen by customers at the specific moment they are searching for a service. For small businesses, ads can be targeted to customers in certain areas to help drive local traffic since AdWords is fully supported on mobile devices. Google has recently indicated that 87% of people use their smartphone on the go, and 95% of mobile users look up local information on their phones, the primary functions being calling or visiting a business. With all that being said, AdWords makes it beyond easy for potential customers to find you exactly when they are ready to spend money on your services.

Additionally, Google has multiple ad partners in its Google Display Network. This network reaches a staggering 80 percent of internet users in the U.S., giving AdWords advertisers the widest reach possible. This also makes it easy for businesses to advertise on popular niche sites—where their customers are.

Further, Google AdWords also provides a variety of customizable options to track and measure multiple campaigns to determine the effectiveness of the ads and keywords provided. Businesses can track performance and set goals around sales and conversions, brand awareness, and Return on Investment. You can also see metrics such as the times your ads are performing best, which keywords are working well, and so on.

With a statistical average of earning $2 in revenue for every $1 spent, every type of business can benefit from investing in advertising with Google AdWords. Especially for smaller businesses, Google AdWords levels the playing field when it comes to competing with larger, more experienced SEO driven companies for the best ad spaces on Google, and therefore the best possible chance at converting clicks into customers.

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